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You Are Enough

Some days nothing goes as planned. Everything you wanted to accomplish seems to have disappeared out of the window. All your goals, all your dreams, are so far away that you can barely see them. You ate a whole bag of candy even though you swore to stop eating sugar. You didn’t show up to  ...

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Q&A Wednesday

Q&A: Fake positivity?

Let’s talk about fake positivity. Someone asked how I stay “so positive & happy all the time” which got me thinking… do I put on a filter for you guys (unknowingly)? I’ll answer this as well as how to sincerely change your mood for the better when you’re  ...

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Are You Social Media Mindful?

It seems like everyday there is another tragedy – from France’s extended state of emergency to the collapse of yet another construction crane in New York City. Countless people choose to weigh-in. With so much devastation surrounding us, it is my belief that there is no room for  ...

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