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You Are Enough

Some days nothing goes as planned. Everything you wanted to accomplish seems to have disappeared out of the window. All your goals, all your dreams, are so far away that you can barely see them. You ate a whole bag of candy even though you swore to stop eating sugar. You didn’t show up to  ...

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Yoga Practice

Breathing “Right”

I remember very clearly the first time I heard ujjayi breath. It was almost eight years ago when I walked into my first ever hot yoga class. I dabbled with yoga for a couple of years before taking this power class, but I was a total novice. The extent of my yoga experience was some DVDs from  ...

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Popular Yoga Practice

Enough Faking It

SIX HUNDRED PEOPLE.  Mats and yoga pants in every color and pattern imaginable. Handstands. Inversions. Perfect, shiny hair. Where am I? My gal pal Lisa came down from Ann Arbor for a yoga event and I thought, “Sure, I’ll go.” The price was a little steep but a Sunday afternoon of  ...

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