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30 things i learned at 30 bad yogi

30 Things I Learned At 30

I can’t believe how fast this year flew by! I feel like I just spent my 30th birthday in Paris, but it’s hard to believe that was already a whole YEAR ago! Turning 30 made me freak out a little, and turning 31 feels downright IMPOSSIBLE. I mean, 31 isn’t just starting a new  ...

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Free Yoga Class

Zodiac Yoga: Aries (FREE Yoga)

Alright Aries friends, you’re up! Each month I’m doing a special class for the corresponding astrological sign. Now keep in mind these are just for fun, so there’s no need to go make life decisions based on what we talk about or overhaul your self-definition, haha. Also, PLEASE don’t  ...

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