Welcome to the NEW Q&A Wednesday which will now be known as the Bad Yogi Show!

For 2018, I’m tweaking the format just a little bit.

Sometimes last year I wished I could put out something slightly different, but wasn’t sure how to fit it in without bombarding you with emails. So this year, I’ll be using Wednesdays to release episodes of what I’m calling the Bad Yogi Show. Some weeks it’ll be a good ol’ fashioned Q&A, others will be a sort of video op-ed on a topic in the yoga & wellness worlds, the occasional vlog, and other times just something funny.

I hope each week brings you something you can learn from or be inspired or entertained by. I believe yoga and the yoga lifestyle doesn’t have to be serious all the time (duh) and I also believe it encompasses more than just our time on the mat. So that’s the thought process behind this little change 🙂

This week, though, is actually a Q&A! I wanted to talk about how to manage sugar cravings since many of you are joining me for this month’s sugar-free challenge 🙂