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How to Have a Soul Day

Why is it important to have a soul day? Buddha himself said, “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes, unless you are too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”

Taking a Time-Out

So this week I’ve been taking a little time out from my hectic life. I’ve limited my time on social media, blocked out time in my diary and prepared myself to take a deep breath, and actually taken time to slow down and just be in the moment, instead of rushing here, there and everywhere at 100 miles an hour, barely pausing to catch a breath.

I juggle two jobs. I have a “regular” day job, three days a week, as a business travel consultant: I book travel for business travelers. The rest of the week I teach fitness classes. For the past six years I have been building my little fitness community classes, which I adore teaching. As well as the teaching though, you have to find time to plan out sessions, maintain your accounts and complete administrative work.

Then there is housework to keep up with, plus trying to fit in a social life as well, so family and friends don’t feel neglected! We’re all becoming expert jugglers and the crazy thing is, a lot of the time we create the busyness and hectic routines ourselves! (Does anyone else have trouble with the word “no”?)

The Stress Monster

It’s so easy though to become overwhelmed with it all and get stressed and run down. Stress can affect us all differently. Stress often manifests itself in my body as a sore throat. I lose my voice at least a couple times a year. As soon as I feel that sore throat, I should listen as my body is whispering “calm down,” but usually by the time I’ve taken any notice my voice has usually become a croak—oops! It’s probably because my body is practically now screaming SLOW DOWN!

Anyway, this week I have a week off from my day job, though I am still teaching classes. I turned down a few invites—I really do hate saying “no” and some of those invites were really tempting! But I knew I had to take some time out and just slow down. I’ve taken the time to just sit and read in the sunshine, I’ve watched movies and been transported to Nashville, Stars Hollow, and Bluebell via my TV boxsets.

And of course, I’ve spent time on my Yoga mat. I feel so much better for it. It’s so easy to think, “Oh I’m far too busy to slow down,” but the crazy thing is if I feel stressed or run down, I lose my creativity and I’m actually less productive. Whereas if you actually force yourself to take time out, you find your creative juices start bubbling and you’re ready to take on the world again with renewed energy.

Schedule Your Soul Day

So I urge you all to pencil in a Soul Day. Log off your social media sites, turn your phone to silent and just take some time out for YOU. Do what you love to do, just stop and breathe. I was lucky to have a couple days to do this, but even having one day is better than nothing to recharge your energy and soothe your soul. Your creativity will start to flow again and you’ll feel so much more peaceful and back in control. I’m really going to try hard to pencil one Soul Day in every month.

Who’s with me? I’d love to hear from you guys if you schedule in a soul day! What do you do with yours?

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  1. Amanda


    October 11, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    I need to do this! I work as a freelancer and for myself, so it seems like there’s always something else to do, and I find myself working more hours than I would if I had a traditional job! The good news about it is that I can usually take a day off at the last minute if something comes up, and I will do that to go to an event with my boyfriend or to spend the weekend at my sister’s house, like I just did this weekend. But I think there’s something more powerful about scheduling a specific day, knowing that it’s coming up and that I can do whatever I want with it.

  2. Pála Margrét

    Pála Margrét

    October 23, 2016 at 6:28 pm

    This is such a great idea! My lazy days always have way to much television, so I like to call them soul days instead and turn off the TV along with the social media and my phone. Because I realize that even though I love it, it doesn´t give me anything, at least not the Netflix series, where I always think I´ll just watch one more episode. Movies are way better, and I would probably put one movie on my soul day, one of those favorites of mine that always make me feel so good – those movies I have watched more often than I can count 😉

    Besides that I would add a lot of yoga to my soul day – first I want to say in the morning, but actually, giving myself a lot of time for breakfast right away when I wake up is also very tempting, as I never do that on my regular days. It´s also easy to fall into lazy days, with no yoga, but that of course does not work for a soul day. As well I would go for a walk in nature, have some great, delicious but healthy meals, and both read and write – giving myself time to work on myself and my creativity. This reminds me of those “homemade” yoga retreats, when you can be by yourself for a weekend or so. How much I love this idea! Now I can really feel how much I need a soul day, thank you for this 🙂

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