It’s been a little more than a month since you made that New Years resolution to do yoga every day… how’s that looking? Speaking from personal experience, mine hasn’t been going great. Of course we all have the best possible intentions to stay healthy and live mindfully in the new year.

But being a good practicing yogi is hard work!

You might be traveling or working hard on a new project and certain things fall to the wayside. Yoga is often one of those things for me. It’s easy to forget and even easier to rationalize away. It can be exhausting to live up to this perfect 2018 ideal version of yourself (and let’s be honest – it’s way too much work).

Common practice would say that it is a bit too late to redo your resolutions – but I would beg to differ. You can fix your resolutions any  time. I started out this year saying that I would practice yoga or some kind of movement everyday. In retrospect… that may have been very ambitious of me to say considering I’m traveling a lot, have been sick on and off, and just haven’t been very motivated. And just looking at the resolution makes me sick. What’s the solution?

Don’t fixate – craft your resolution to you.

We’re all different people, which means we shouldn’t all set the same resolutions. It’s actually better to give these kind of things a try to see what does and doesn’t work for you. For me, I decided that doing a full workout everyday is just too much for my schedule right now. Instead, I say that I’m going to practice yoga three times a week. If I do more, that’s great – but the baseline is lower now – meaning I’m more likely to complete it than not.

If you are rocking your New Years Resolution, all the power to you!

You are amazing! What are some of your tips for the rest of us? 

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