Body Positivity is such a loaded topic! I’ve been putting off recording this episode for a few weeks now because I really didn’t know how to approach it.

I figured the best way to approach this is to be sincere and explore perspectives besides just my own in the conversation, so that’s exactly what we’ll do.

I’ll talk a little about…
– My own experience with body image & “positivity”
– My personal interpretation of what the body positivity movement stands for
– The Instagram interaction that inspired this episode
– And I’ll share some of YOUR responses & opinions (anonymously, of course) I received on social media about this topic


Body positivity bad yogi podcast quote cardMy goal is to open this discussion and have everyone’s thoughts be heard. So please be respectful before chiming in down in the comments below. Be aware that there are VERY real triggers associated with weight, body image, and the BoPo movement itself, so whether you agree with it or not, rule #1 is to BE KIND.