Should Your Goals Be Easy?

I am at the edge of reaching a big goal I set for myself.

And on that edge, I of course stumbled upon a road block.

My own insecure thoughts.

I am thinking that it would be so much easier if I’d just skip it. If I quit. If I gave up.

It’s so hard! I’m pushing myself hard to get there.

To get a little bigger. To grow a little stronger.

It’s challenging. Leaving the comfort zone. Doing things that I am not yet capable of doing.


That’s what big goals usually do. They push you to become someone you aren’t just yet.


And at this moment, this moment of desperation, I look back to how it started.

I think back to the time I took the first step towards a lifestyle of goals and then even bigger goals.

I remember the first step I took. And how I was full of fear and doubt and so many rational reasons to stop, to quit, to give up – to avoid failure.

I think back to this time and realize that I have only come this far, because I ignored easy.

I chose the more challenging – and the more fulfilling – path.

I pushed through and grew stronger.


At that moment, I realize that I never wanted things to be easy. Ever.

Because that would mean that I would stand completely still.

And even though I’m on the right path, I’ll get run over if you just sit there.

There is always moving forward. Some steps are big ones, others are tiny.

The first step I took was huge. And the steps I will need to take now to reach my goal will also be huge.

I will use all my willpower. All my self-discipline.

All my strength. And all my hope.


Because, I know that when I look back, all I will see is growth.

I will see that I accomplished something. That I did it. Even though I had many reasons to give up.

I will look back and see the strength I possessed. The willpower to push forward.

And I will quickly forget the challenge, the fear and the doubt.

I will forget it and think about it like any other step on this path.

And when I hit a road block again, I can look back and see that I’ve come even further. Meaning, that I can go even further as well.


On this road filled with joy, happiness and gratitude. With occasional self-doubt, fear and shame.

This road that challenges me every day and makes life worth while.

This road that is never easy. And always exactly like it’s supposed to be.

It;s the road of this wonderful, magical life of mine.

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