Something interesting has been happening to me for the past few months. Every time I have more than one glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage, I feel worse than garbage for 24 hours after. I’ll fall asleep for a couple hours at night and wake up feeling awful for the rest of the night and all morning. I feel nauseated, dizzy, and have a searing headache.

It’s miserable. And I don’t even have to get drunk to feel this way! A hint of tipsy is all it takes to feel like crap the day after a couple drinks.

I’m not sure if it’s age or just a shift in my body’s chemistry that’s made this happen, but here we are. And especially here in France, I’ve made a habit of always ordering wine when we go out to eat and picking some up at the store on every grocery run. It’s cheap, delicious, and flows like water— it’s too easy to become habitual.

So I decided to challenge myself to have a sober December. I’m not drinking anything until a single glass of wine on Christmas, and that’ll be it. I just want to see how I feel not having anything.

It was Adrien’s birthday on the 3rd and I had a tiny bit of champagne just to toast. After that I had Perrier with a bit of grapefruit juice and I didn’t miss the alcohol at all.

The main benefits for me:
– At the top of the list, it’s not feeling like crap.
– Saving money!
– Not drinking my calories on a regular basis…. Not like I’m counting calories, but it’s not exactly like alcohol is a health food or really a source of nutrients. Sure, it has a few benefits, but not ones you can’t get elsewhere. Like from chocolate!
– Mindful socializing. Being more present and sober with the family I’m with around the holiday season should be… a challenge in itself! Kidding. I’ll remember every moment and feel great the day after.

Watch the Q&A below!

Over to you! Have you ever done something like this? Care to join me? I’m not doing this with any official thing, just a personal challenge that a bunch of PB-ers are jumping in on too. Just wanted to offer a digital high five for anyone who might be interested.