Inspired by Erin’s beautiful hashtag #allbelliesarebeautifulbecause they truly are.

In the summer of 2015 I shared a yoga picture of myself in a bikini, to my own surprise! I did not expect this to happen, ever. As it turns out, yoga had taught me to love my own body, so slowly that I didn’t even notice it.

Now I look back at this photo and see all the strength I’ve gained, though I´m not as thin anymore.

Before Christmas the same year, after growing my love handles quite a bit as an exchange student in a foreign country, weighing more than I ever had, I shared a bikini picture again! After a way to emotional spring – leading to a super thin me in the summer, because apparently I stopped eating – I was able to start loving myself again and healing with a bit of delicious pizza and ice cream (Think Eat, Pray, Love in Italy – though I was in Sweden!). And yes, I was chubbier than ever, but what it represented was something beautiful – and learning to love myself in that shape meant that I would love myself no matter what.

This picture is taken by the Atlantic Ocean in Norway, 3°C outside – running between the sauna and the ocean.

In the autumn of 2016 I shared bikini pictures on social media again. And no, it’s not something intentional, and truthfully, doesn’t happen so often that I wear a bikini here in Iceland. Those pictures showed me stronger and happier then ever. And yes, most of those bikini photos are also upside down.

Handstanding in a bikini seems to be my favourite thing!

In November 2016 I went to Thailand, where I pretty much wore a bikini for two months, so my bikini pictures are quite a few. And I shared them, of course.

This picture shows everything I believe I am not: Self-confident, beautiful and sexy. I share it to prove myself wrong – to show self-doubt that it doesn’t rule the world.

So my rule here is simple:

Does it make me slightly uncomfortable to share pictures of me almost naked? Yes it does! Then do it!

Does it make me proud after taking the leap? Yes it does! Then do it again and again for as long as you live!

And yes, to be clear, I cannot know how you see my pictures. I do, of course, see all the flaws, but I’m just past listening to that criticism. And the same works your way – you will quite possibly see all your flaws, all your insecurities in your photos, but all I will see is pure beauty.

And this goes further than bikinis. I´m starting to love all the pictures of me that I didn’t like before. And sharing them with everyone helps me accept me the way I am.

Because I am beautiful. And you are too!

So share those bikini pictures baby, because we are all beautiful!

(And I´m sorry guys, you are of course beautiful as well and all the same goes for you – wearing a bikini or not! 😛 )

Have you shared more on social media than you thought you would? How did it feel? Share with us below!