I’ll just say right off the bat that we use the term “therapy” lightly here. We wanted to record a podcast together & do something for Valentine’s Day that wasn’t overly corny. I put the question out to social media asking what you’d like to hear us chat about when it comes to relationships. I was blown away by your vulnerability & openness, so I knew I had to make this episode available outside of iTunes, too 😉

This special episode is all about relationships, but mainly our own. We’ve been through a lot over the last (nearly) 11 years together and thought it could be helpful to share some of our experiences. It’s not that we think we’re experts by any means, but sometimes it’s nice to hear from people who are of a similar mindset & in your same age range about topics that matter to you, like relationships.

So that’s the inspiration behind this episode. We talk about OUR own experience and aren’t giving YOU specific advice at any point, but rather sharing what has worked well for us.

We’ll talk about…
– How we met
– How we can live AND work together peacefully (mostly, haha!)
– How we maintain passions/hobbies & not lose sight of “us”
– Soulmates & what we think of that term
– How finances work in our life
– How we lift each other up to stay motivated physical/mental goals
– How we give each other alone time & respect our personal space while still making sure the other feels appreciated
– Why we make time to miss each other
– How to encourage the other to try new things
– How we argue in a productive way

… and a few other topics, too.

Hopefully you enjoy this one!

Over to you! Gimme details! What did you think? Any similar struggles or funny overlaps between you and the two of us? Would you want a part II of this? We had so much to cover, there wasn’t enough time without this being a 3 part episode!