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Simple Ways To Recover From Work-Related Stress

It’s no doubt that everyone has experienced job-related stress. Unfortunately, some of us may not have the choice to find a new job, or a new job might bring with it a wholly new kind of work-related stress. We all know how unhealthy unchecked stress can be – it is a leading factor for heart attack and stroke.

From music to yoga, and from cannabis to other relaxation techniques, read on to find out some tips for helping get rid of the stress in your life – without rage quitting your job or injuring your health.

Try Yoga

In a national survey, 85% of those who practice yoga said that it helped them with relieving stress. It is true that yoga teaches mind-body awareness that can help people cope with stress, even before it begins. A primary concept in yoga is teaching yourself to be non-judgmental towards yourself and others. Much of our stress comes from being too hard on ourselves and the frustration we feel towards others.

Don’t Be Reactive

We’ve all had interactions where our first prerogative is a negative emotion. However, being reactive all the time, especially in a negative manner, can cause undue stress. One primary way to counter this is to take a deep breath in, hold it for a few beats, and then exhale slowly. Try doing all three to a count of 10 overall. By that time, you probably would have thought of a better way to approach the situation. If not, revisit it later when you’ve had time to think of a constructive way of dealing with the situation.

Take Regular Breaks

Psychology has shown that our brains don’t cope well to never having a break. In fact, idleness helps us to recover from periods of stress. If you are able, try and schedule your day around working periods of 90 minutes followed by a break of 10 minutes. Another technique is to work for 25 minutes, then take a five-minute break. After four rotations of these, take a longer 30-minute break.

Improve Your Eating and Sleeping Habits

Being hungry and tired can be significant causes of stress. Our brains were made to be driven by the process of breaking down food into fuel. Eating poorly can deprive your system – including your brain – of the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Poor sleep can affect your metabolism, making it sluggish. Sleep is the break that allows our bodies to rejuvenate and to recover. Getting to bed at a good time to allow yourself six- to eight- hours of sleep is essential to managing stress.


Whoever said that laughter is the best medicine was actually onto something. Whether laughing at that funny cat video or a good joke or even your favorite sitcom, laughter helps to bust stress. The action of laughing actually activates and then relieves your stress response. Ever noticed how relaxed you feel after a good, honest, belly laugh? Laughter can also help to improve the immune system, relieve pain, and most importantly, improve your mood.

Try Cannabis

It’s no secret to those who have used this time-honored remedy that cannabis does actually help to relieve stress. In low doses, the THC in cannabis can have a calming, euphoric effect. A good sativa strain can uplift and an indica strain at night can help sleepless nights. A CBD oil cartridge on your box mod can help you to relax without making you high. When you get home, load a high CBD strain into your desktop vaporizer and get ready for some relaxation.

Listen to Music

Music is a versatile stress reliever for one primary reason. You can listen to music during your daily activities – especially during your commute – without it taking time away from what needs to get done. Listening to your favorite type of music can help you to reduce stress. However, keep in mind that in periods of extreme stress, listening to some classical music might work better. The soothing sounds might just be the stress-buster you need.

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