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‘Raw’ My Journey from Anxiety to Joy: A Bad Yogi Book Review

When I started reading ‘Raw’ by Bella Mahaya Carter, I was intrigued about what ailment could possibly have pushed this woman to eat nothing but raw food and give up wine, chocolate, cheeeeeeeese and bread.  The staples of my diet (much to the dismay of my own gut!)

I was also fascinated about what this diet/lifestyle change consisted of, and whether I could incorporate any of this into my own life and would it make a difference anyway?

Bella talks very candidly about her journey of realization that this dramatic shift had to happen, about the reaction from her family and friends and about the changes she experienced both in her own body, her attitude to food and others’ attitude to her personally throughout process and most importantly about her own anxiety management.

‘Raw’ is a turbulent journey of anxious thoughts, dramatic measures and a very personal account of one woman’s very personal journey to a brighter future.

‘Raw’ is available for purchase on Amazon for $9.95 on Kindle or $16.95 for paperback.




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