We’re coming up on the New Year and for most of us, that probably means setting some goals & making positive changes… which we’ll inevitably drop before February! Sorry, but that’s just the cold, hard truth for most of us!

Why do we do that?!

The biggest reason we fail at goals we set for ourselves is that we don’t replace our bad habit with something else. Going cold turkey for anything is difficult, but that difficulty can be eased with replacing it with something good. Getting rid of a bad habit MUST be a “tit for tat” deal. Give up X, replace it with Y. Quit smoking before breakfast, replace it with a luxurious espresso. Give up meat on the weekends, replace it with enough protein & fat from another source. Give up sugar, replace it with something that still feels rewarding but healthier.

I’ve gotta plan that’ll actually help you stay sugar-free with me AND replace it with something good. Actually, cutting sugar is exactly what I plan to do for the month of January until my birthday (the 27th).

Why is cutting sugar important:
I know we’ve all heard it before, but sometimes hearing it again gives us the gentle nudge we need to do something about it.

Sugar is our drug of choice. This addictive substance is argued to be equally or possibly even more addicting than cocaine. I don’t fully buy that as no one’s robbing banks for the lollipops or anything, but I get the sentiment. We’ve all experienced the feeling of “needing” sugar after a meal or getting very grumpy when we don’t have it. Sure, being addicted to sugar might not be EXACTLY like being addicted to cocaine, but it’s not healthy for us to be addicted to it at all.

Sugar has a time and place (on occasion) and shouldn’t be a staple in our diets.

I’m giving up sugar & here’s how I KNOW I’ll succeed:
I’m doing this in conjunction with the 21-Day Yoga Habit in the Bad Yogi Studio which starts January 2nd. That’ll get us over the toughest part of this no sugar challenge! Replacing my sugar addiction with something GOOD for me: yoga.

My game-plan:
I’m already planning which little “cheats” I’m gonna have to wean myself off the hard stuff:
– Coconut sugar in my morning oatmeal (Why’s it better than regular sugar? You should aim to keep your fructose & glucose intake as low as possible. While cane sugar is about 50% fructose, coconut sugar is only 3% fructose. It’s still sugar, but it’s a slightly better alternative.)

– 1 square of 70% dark chocolate after lunch and/or dinner if I crave it FIERCELY (1 square is 2g of sugar which comes out to about half a tsp per serving…) If the coconut sugar & dark chocolate is all I have in a day, that brings me to 2 tsp of sugar in a whole day which is awesome! I won’t even try to estimate what I’ve been having lately, haha!

– Scheduling to do my 21-Day Yoga Habit classes during times when I crave sugar the most. Even if you can’t do that, remember that anytime we do yoga or “workout,” we ALWAYS want to take better care of our bodies in general. Haven’t you noticed that too? Work up a bit of a sweat and the chicken sandwich sounds pretty good whereas the bag of chips sounded better before. Our brains get a signal that we should consume foods that are healthy and nourishing rather than sugar laden.

There’s nothing you need to do to “join me” for this sugar-free month. I’ll check in with you within the PBYP FB group and across my social medias to see how it’s going & to let you know how I feel.

To join the rest of the Bad Yogi Fam in January, sign up for the 21-Day Yoga Habit below!
Over to you! Are you doing the 21-Day Yoga Habit with your sugar-free January? What will be hardest for you? What “swaps” are you going to make?

PS: I went alcohol-free in December and it was super easy for me. I had zero cravings other than a couple times where I could have gone for a glass of red with dinner, but nothing serious. I had one glass of red on Christmas Day & a small glass of champagne that morning. It was perfect! I felt great all month and will stick with limiting my consumption from now on. It was easy and good for me. Win-win, right? 🙂 How was your Dry December?!