This week’s Q&A is actually a reverse Q&A because of instead of answering one of your questions, I want you to answer one of mine.

First, I just want to throw some context out there: I know what it feels like to feel underwhelmed about turning another year older. I’ve often felt like I didn’t have what I thought I’d have at this point in life, or that I should be doing more. But one of my biggest takeaways of 28 is that we’re all on our own individual timeline. I think we feel disappointed because we measure our own life’s milestones up to other people’s. This past year, I decided to drop comparison to other people’s lives and focus on my own desires and plans. It really freed me to release that comparison and has lifted the weight of unspoken societal obligation that I put on myself.

Besides having a family which requires some cooperation with biology, all of the deadlines for life milestones are completely arbitrary. I used to think I’d get married by 24, have a house by 25, kids by 27/28, and live my life happily ever after. Where did those numbers come from, anyway?!

So all this to say that, if you’re struggling with where you’re at because you’re not where you thought you’d be, remember: the only timeline that matters is the one YOU personally designed. It’s not the one full of expectations from other people, it’s fully your own.

That said, some of you know that I have a birthday coming up this Friday, and as I enter this last year of my 20’s, I’d love to hear from you:

– What life advice would you give your 29 year old self, OR, if you’re not old enough yet, what would you tell yourself of 10 years ago?

– What are your feelings about birthdays? I’m always super reflective and reminiscent, but positively hopeful for the year ahead, too. Am I the only one with such complex emotions?!

Let’s hear it! Leave your answers below! I can’t wait to read through them over the next few days 🙂