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Q&A: Why do you keep sabotaging yourself? + OMG NEWS!!

Do you ever start to see a little progress on your way towards a goal, and then suddenly lose motivation to keep going? Maybe you’ve been doing yoga for a few weeks and as soon as your tummy feels a little stronger, your legs look a little leaner, and you’re less stressed, you start letting your practice slide.

What’s happening? Well, chances are, your focus is totally misplaced. If you’ve ever sabotaged your own yoga or fitness goals by letting them get away from you, listen up.

“Sabotage” sounds like a super dark term, but usually it shows itself in the form of, “I did a little extra yesterday, so I’ll just skip this class…” Only instead of a one-off thing, it ends up turning into a habit of cheating yourself & ultimately letting yourself down. This does NOT need to be your default!

Here’s how to stop that for good and get what you ultimately want: lasting change that you WANT to stick with.

Over to you! Have you ever fallen into this trap? How did you get back into the groove? Did your focus need to change?

AND BY THE WAY!!!! OMG!! Who is SUPER Excited?!?!?!? Sign up by clicking here, or directly on the picture below. I cannot wait to see you January 2nd!

What’s it about?
Unlike a lot of yoga challenges, this one is more than just yoga classes.  It focuses on physical, mental and emotional health by building confidence and helping you realize the badass you are! Each day you’ll have a mantra that starts with “I am” and a class to compliment it.  The challenge starts January 2nd because let’s be honest: who wants to work out on the 1st? January 1st is for champagne brunches and relaxing, am I right?!  So don’t forget to sign up by clicking the picture below to receive one class a day for 10 days and I’ll see you January 2nd!

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    December 21, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    Looking forward to this new challenge! Namaste Erin

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    December 22, 2016 at 5:55 am

    Great advice! The why is important…..but how exciting is the new challenge! Looking forward to it. Happy Holidays Erin, the Frenchman and everyone at the badyogi community!

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    December 23, 2016 at 5:28 am

    Love it! Thanks so much, your advice rings very true with me. I totally admire how you get a complex system down in like 3 minutes, too!

    Hope you have a happy christmas season and wish you all the best, love, health, laughter and adventure for 2017!
    Love to the Frenchman, too! You guys are the bomb (like a happy bomb of rainbows and glitter).


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