We’re sort of in between two different trends right now: the trend of photoshopping everything to hell, and the trend of embracing body positivity and letting what’s real take the lead.

We see a lot of both. We still see a lot of bad Photoshop that make most of us go, “why would you even cover that up in the first place?!” And for that reason, I really appreciate the body positive movement and it’s mission to normalize SO MUCH of what society has told is is “wrong” with our bodies.

The BP movement itself hasn’t done this directly, but some people have taken the popularity of it as their cue to go out and “educate” people they feel aren’t doing body positivity “right.” 

Judgment and shaming have fallen under the umbrella of being “body positive” and that’s where I gotta call bullshit.

I’ve gotten several messages on IG lately that have pointed out how harmful it is that I talk about getting “fit” for my wedding.

“Stop talking about getting fit for your wedding! It’s just one day!” or “Enough with the ‘wedding ready’ bs! Either love yourself or don’t!” or “Encouraging changing yourself for someone else? Unfollowing!”

I mean, seriously?

The purpose of body positivity is to empower the individual with a healthy mindset towards their bodies, their goals FOR their bodies, and their lifelong relationship WITH their bodies.

It’s actually possible to absolutely LOVE yourself AND want to improve yourself at the same time. You can seek improvement without self-loathing or any other negative feelings about your body.

We’ve all gotten into this funny little habit of deifying anyone who posts any photo of themselves showing a streak of stretch mark or inch of cellulite. LOOK HOW BRAVE! LOOK HOW STRONG! We immediately want to award some kind of medal to people who dare show their “imperfections” as if there’s some higher integrity of someone who does that than of someone who doesn’t.

Every single person is entitled to do as they wish with the body they’ve been given. And yes, sometimes that means being hyper-forgiving of yourself while you indulge at every opportunity. I’ve done that! But it also can mean eating very lean and exercising regularly, and that’s the chapter of my life I’m in right now.

My desire to treat my wedding as a special occasion and go all out in the preparations is not an indication that I’m not “loving” myself. It means that this time is unique. It means that I want to really FEEL the significance of it even in the little day-to-day nuances that lead up to the big day.

Basically all I’m trying to say is that all of these lifestyles can coexist. We just have to accept the idea that there’s room for us all. As usual 😉

Over to you: what are your thoughts on the body positive movement? Do you agree or disagree with my interpretation of it?