Plastic surgery is one of those topics that either makes you cringe or just shrug your shoulders because you could care less about it.

I’m all for people doing what they want with their bodies. I don’t like super strong opinions about what someone “should” or “shouldn’t” do especially when the impact is extremely small.

So when all the magazines would talk about Courtney Cox getting “bad” plastic surgery, I rolled my eyes. So typical for people to criticize, and so (sadly) typical for a woman in her 50s in the entertainment industry to feel pressured to do stuff like that.

But recently she’s been in the news for saying she had all her fillers dissolved and now is totally natural. She realized she went really overboard with procedures and ended up looking artificial, so had to change her perspective on aging and changing.

Left: Courteney with fillers. Right: back to natural!

I just love this and wanted to share. YES, you should do what you want. YES, you deserve to love the skin you’re in. But I LOVE when we can find the beauty in getting older instead of trying to fight against it.

Just like we have to maintain a good relationship with our bodies through doing yoga and eating well, we have to do the same when it comes to aging. I’m about to turn 30 and while yes, I still look very young, I do notice changes in my body that weren’t there 10 years ago! They’re not bad, but I could totally see myself spiraling down into the “OMG I’M GETTING OLD” mentality.

So I just loved seeing an example of someone turning that spiral around and wanted to share 🙂 

What do you guys think? Plastic surgery: yes or no? What’s your perspective on getting older