Six pack.

Are any of these words something you have said in order to describe your “perfect” body? After having my second child at the young age of 20, I was ready to get the body of a 20-year-old back. I was always an athlete, and was so excited to get back in the fitness game. I decided to visualize my perfect body, so that when I lost motivation or felt like jumping off the wagon, I could remind myself of the end result of my hard work.

Achieving My First “Perfect” Body

My perfect body looked something like this: I want to be lean, with a flat stomach and be able to see definition in my abs.

The crazy thing was, that I got that exact body. I was in size zero jeans and I had six pack abs. By definition, I had absolutely achieved my personal idea of the perfect body.

jess perfect body


Now first of all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a size zero and having six pack abs. I think the body is the most beautiful thing in the world in all its forms, and its amazing to see how hard work pays off to achieve such definition in your body. The problem was, when I was in that body, I was not the person I wanted to be.

Visualizing the Ideal Me Instead

I now realize that I made a mistake when I visualized my perfect body, when in reality, I needed to visualize the ideal me. I now visualize the ideal me, which looks like: I will feel strong, energized and feminine. I want to feel peaceful in social situations and enjoy time spent with my husband and children.

Now, when I make decisions in relation to what I eat, what I drink or if I work out, I ask myself if it will aid me in becoming the best version of myself, instead of how it will affect the way I look.

jess perfect body

Full disclosure: this process took me roughy a year and a half until I became consistent with it. Even today, I still struggle with bad body image days. But when those days come up, I remind myself of what I love about the person I am. I soak in the glory of how strong I am now instead of how skinny I was. I love everything about the woman that I was, but I am proudest of the woman I have become. And I’m thrilled to meet the woman I will one day be.