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Overwhelmed with Fitness Options? You’re Not Alone

As someone who loves anything to do with fitness, surely you’ve been faced with the realization that there are simply too many good choices to do all at once. Have you ever logged onto YouTube and realized that in fact, you want to do ALL of the videos, ALL at once? Have you subscribed to a few separate fitness studios and online platforms only to find that your body would actually collapse in protest if you tried to do it all?

Come on. I can’t be the only one.

Much as I love the Internet for bringing me to online yoga and pilates classes, I find that along with an actual yoga studio membership, I can’t do it all. Maybe that’s just my Type A personality. Maybe it’s a sign of how society is trying to overwhelm our synapses bit by bit.

But I find myself frustrated. I love my IRL yoga studio and I adore the teachers there. In fact, I want to go to a Vinyasa class everyday. But then again, I want to support the teachers online that I also enjoy. Some of these teachers create platforms (Bad Yogi hint hint), and of course I’m going to subscribe and support their initiatives as much as I can. But to do that, and yoga IRL for six days a week? *Cough* I’m not sure my body can take it.

Then add in YouTube, where there’s a million different fitness classes that you can take online at the click of a button. Pilates Intensive Internal Training? Sign me up. Twenty minute Boxing class? Yasss queen. Dancing cardio to Beyonce? Let me whip out my dancing moves and do all of the videos.

And yet, there’s only 24 hours in a day. My body can only take so much abuse before I just have to sit on the couch with an ice pack in one hand and the remote in another. It’s where that pesky term ‘self-care’ comes into play. Don’t get me wrong – I love self-care. I’m all for spending the night in when you just don’t want to go out, for putting my own sleep first, and for sitting around in a face mask while binging Jane the Virgin. But somehow, when it comes to fitness, all of that logic goes out the window.

When there’s so much available, it can be hard to consciously limit yourself.

I whole-heartedly believe that fitness is like any other concept. There is such a thing as too much of it and practicing self-care is reminding yourself that you don’t have to do it all. Even if you want to. Even if no one is telling you that you ‘have’ to do it except your own internal monologue.

So the next time you rack up ten tabs worth of online yoga and fitness classes an hour before you’re headed to your IRL yoga class? Take a breath and save them in your ‘Later’ folder, you’ll always have time to do them later.

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