Essential Nutrition Tips To Gain Energy, Feel Good and Look Better

Have you been feeling tired and deprived of energy lately? While some of the culprits are probably your busy lifestyle and you trying to fit as many appointments and deadlines in your day as possible, others are easier to solve. Namely, you can eat your way to success: by choosing the right food, not only will you feed your body the right way, but your soul as well. It doesn’t even require your pantry to turn into a bio-food store: with the right mindset and by applying these nutrition tips, you will soon be full of energy, but also feel alert and look awesome. So read on!

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Like, ever! We know it’s the easier thing to do when you’re rushing through the door, but it will hurt you in the long run. Having a good, filling breakfast will keep you alert and full until lunch, and you will be less tempted to reach for the chocolate bar from the vending machine at work. But it doesn’t mean you should eat whatever for breakfast and stop by a fancy pastry shop. Opt for a healthier version – oatmeal topped with fruit and nuts, nut butter on toast made of whole grain bread, ham and eggs or an omelet.

Eat Nutrient-Dense Foods

Yes, we agree that a Bad Yogi will reach for pizza from time to time because pizza=life. But! Keep it occasional, okay? While it tastes divine, pizza is not exactly what we would call a nutritious meal, and we need our nutrients to fuel our bodies. Munching on too much food with sub-optimal nutrients will eventually make us feel sluggish, so avoid this by choosing mostly nutrient-dense foods such as lean protein, whole grain, vegetables, beans, and nuts.

Fuel Your Workouts the Right Way

Workouts and good nutrition go hand in hand, and you are already probably doing yoga anyway (yay for that!). So why not use workouts, be it yoga or an additional gym session, to support your healthy diet, and vice versa? To achieve the best results and enhance your performance, you should fuel your sessions the right way. Of course, we’re not talking chemistry and dubious magic potions, but natural tools such as creatine powder and protein shakes. They are natural and help you feed your muscles and boost what you already have in you while doing that heavy squat.

Shop the Perimeter

This is one of the best tricks ever and you could’ve lived your life without even noticing. When going grocery shopping, pay attention to the perimeter of the store, because that’s where all the fresh produce, meat, eggs and dairy are. So fill up your cart with those, and then you’re free to enter the aisles, if needed. Sometimes you can avoid them, as it’s where soda, sweets and snacks are. Other times you can enter and stock on canned beans and nuts, enough for a month or so.

Keep Your Pantry and Fridge Super Stocked

Why would you need a month-worth amount of canned beans, you’re asking? Because having a stocked pantry will make life so much easier. Having all the good ingredients at your disposal you’ll always have the ability to make healthy meals and snacks, so no excuses such as “ah, but I’d have to go shopping now… and I don’t feel like it”. If that’s even an excuse. Anyway, keep a supply of healthy ingredients such as beans, frozen vegetables, grains… and you can enjoy them any time.

Snacks? Yes, Please

A Bad Yogi knows the importance of snacking throughout the day, wink wink. But do you also know what snacks are good for you and which ones it’d be better to let go of? A bag of chips won’t kill you – but it won’t give you as much energy or mental boost as you’d hope for, especially in the long run. Smart snacks, on the other hand, provide lasting energy, because their nutrients release sugar slowly into the blood and thus prevent energy dips and overeating. So grab a bag of mixed nut and dried fruit, or a granola bar, o   r a piece of fruit, some veggies dipped in hummus, sliced apple topped with nut butter… you get the drill. (Just don’t do it all at once!)

Taking care of what you eat is probably the easiest way to combat stress and achieve good energy levels to feel awesome throughout the day – and your lifetime. Sure, mastering new healthy habits can be tricky if you’re turning your life around and starting from scratch, but that’s where our tips come in. By really incorporating them in your daily life, you’ll experience new levels of energy and you’ll be feeling like a true champ.





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