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We are constantly on the hunt for THE BEST yoga mat, and while we can confidently say that there are some great mats out there, not all are created equally. Did you know that some commonly used yoga mats use something called poly-vinyl chloride, or PVC? PVC makes a great mat due to its grip, durability and price point. But, unfortunately, there is no safe way to create, use or destroy these mats. PVC can’t be recycled due to the toxins embedded within it, and when it’s incinerated or buried in landfills it releases dioxin, a known carcinogen.

Luckily, while on the quest for a more eco-friendly yoga mat, many companies including our friends at Sustainable Thinkers, made it their mission to reuse materials to create the SugaMat, and we’ve got one just for you (if you’re the lucky winner of our November giveaway, that is).

This premium 5mm yoga mat is made from 100% recycled wetsuits and is perfect for your asana practice. Suitable for all your blissful yogic adventures, although not recommended to feed it to your dog.


  • Regular – 72″ x 25″ (183cm x 64cm)
  • 5mm thick.

Learn more about the SugaMat and how they turned wetsuits into yoga mats:

About Sustainable Thinkers

“Sustainable Thinkers simplifies responsible shopping by offering a one-stop-shop for sustainable products. Our mission is to spread and encourage sustainability by bringing practical products, great brands and inspiring people together. You can find zero-waste, vegan and other eco-friendly products to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.”



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