Sometimes we need to lose our heads.

So many distractions get in the way of what is most important.

Ninety-nine percent of those distractions are in my head.

I think.

I contemplate.

I stress.

I make up stories.

I plan.

I drive myself crazy.

This is why I lose my head.

Positive thoughts, neutral thoughts, and negative thoughts

jam together.

It becomes difficult for me to separate and filter.

I become anxious,


overwhelmed .

I doubt myself.

I doubt others.

I have no reason to doubt,

so I shut it down.

I lose my head

so I can gather my mind.

I become mindful.

I balance in the moment,

and I find what is important.

I can rest here,

and even if it’s just for a minute,

there are no more distractions.

It’s just me and my mantras.

I hear my voice,

and I feel His words.


I am,



My heart is full,

and at last,

My head is lost.

My Head is Lost April 2016