Why I Love The Bachelorette with No F*cks Given

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. I think that if you like Lifetime movies or adult contemporary music or whatever other thing you might get some side-eye from others about, good for you! It’s fun to find stuff that you enjoy, and we all need some easy listening (or watching or reading) in our lives. It’s basically the equivalent of dessert, and you should always have second helpings of dessert.

I’m not saying you should necessarily delve DEEP into the intricacies of your Mary-Kate and Ashley movie shelf or the Beanie Babies you (still) collect on like, a first date. Or a job interview. But I’m absolving you of any guilt or shame you feel around the things you enjoy, and I’m doing that by telling you about one of my not-so-guilty pleasures.

The freakin’ Bachelorette, yall.

And let me tell you why. The current season of The Bachelorette features Rachel, and she is a boss.

Meet my fave.

She’s a successful lawyer and she knows what she wants in a relationship.

Get it, Rachel.

And she doesn’t play around with dudes that aren’t doing it for her.

She set a trap for this total f*ckboy then sent him packing and I ATE IT UP.

She’s also unapologetically sexual.

She’s not talking about the horse-drawn carriage ride, y’all.

And she’s just a funny goofball.

This is me all the time.

Who isn’t afraid to set boundaries.

She just asked all of America for some space right now.

And show off her confidence.

YUP it is.

And look, I’m not saying that I watch this show only because this woman is totally cool. I love the tension, the bizarre dates, the weird gimmicks on the first night, and watching these dudes wild out over petty drama. And that’s probably not the best thing for me. But I spend a lot of time “eating my veggies” — doing yoga, going to the gym, working, reading, watching more high-brow entertainment — and I think I deserve a little dessert. And I think you do too!

So, what’s up, yogis? Do you also love The Bachelorette? Or have another “guilty” pleasure that you’re ready to lose the guilt over? Share with me in the comments!

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