Lessons from a Life Coach

Lessons From a Life Coach: Part 2- Understanding Self-Confidence

This week on Lessons from a Life Coach with Jator Pierre, we’re discussing the issue of Self-Confidence.

We dive into using our current experience of life as a springboard for self-confidence, and a bridge to the past to elicit trust within.

Underneath insecurity is typically hidden shame and fear. How can we use past experiences to raise our courage above our shame and fear to create new ways of navigating life?

Consider these questions:
– How can I cultivate courage over shame/fear
– Can you use vulnerability to dissolve shame/fear with compassion?
– What purpose is insecurity playing in your life?
– This will sound crazy, but how might your perceived position of weakness be a position of power?

Consider If you can see the confidence in another. It is a reminder that confidence resides within you, too!

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