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Lessons from a Life Coach – Part 2: How To Become a Life Coach

Lessons from a Life Coach is a regular series with Jator Pierre, tackling questions as it relates to life.
This week, Jator is coming to us with Part 2 of How to Become a Life Coach. Find Part 1 here
Increasing your awareness of self, increases your awareness of what might be playing in others. The deeper that you dive into yourself and the more awareness that you have as to the under pinning’s that are going on inside of you, typically the easier it becomes to see those under pinning’s in others.
The ability to be a powerful life coach, for anyone, the only certification that I think anyone needs is your life experience, is your struggles, your experiences in life, and your ability to move through things and see your challenges and help others see their challenges.
At the end of the day, what’s important in choosing a school is really follow your own heart.
Here are the schools I have studied at that were mentioned in my video for you to see which one most resonates with your heart and your perspective:

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