Lessons from a Life Coach: Part 1- How Do You Stop Taking Criticism So Personally?

Lessons from a Life Coach is a new column on Bad Yogi Magazine, with Jator Pierre. Jator was originally a guest on the Bad Yogi Podcast S2E15 talking about ‘How to Get Unstuck & Show Up As Your True Self’.

Each week, Jator will tackle a question from the community, as it relates to navigating life and all of its varied emotions. This week, Jator is answering Part 1 of the question “How do you stop taking criticism so personally?” Check back next week for Part 2.

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    Courtenay Veenis

    December 21, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    I am somebody that has had relationships that I guess technically fall under the window or it’s getting within the window of abusive and coming out of those situations it is important at least I find to recognize what my contributions have been in order to allow those things to happen and to continue to happen or to get worse over time which technically is what defines an abusive situation and it is two people that make it happen and I love what Jator says across-the-board but specifically when he says or informs everybody to ask themselves what does this person mean to me and why do I care about their opinion and that is a huge absolutely humongous question that I think pertains to everybody that specifically for those that are dealing with criticisms from those in their lives daily

    1. Jator Pierre

      Jator Pierre

      December 22, 2018 at 1:12 am

      I truly appreciate your vulnerability and heartfelt share. For me, they are huge questions as well and often go unexplored, thank you for exploring with me sister <3

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