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Late Night Thoughts on Self Love

I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of my 21 years of life trying to figure out who I am. Trying to fit myself into boxes that comply with those standards set out for me by the world I live in. I am a yoga instructor. I am a coach. I am a writer…. but those are the things I do, not who I am. I am a sister. A daughter. A cousin. A friend. But that is who I am to someone else, not who I am to myself. It’s not to say that we are not defined by the things we do and the relationships that we have with others. But at the end of the day when you are alone with nothing but you and the sunset or you and the darkness who are you?

In ancient Indian scriptures the “Atman” is a Sanskrit word that is used to mean soul. The piece of me that represents the entirety of the universe. My Atman is the same as the Atman that resides in a spider or an ant or a bird or a cow or a frog or the people who break our hearts. We are all the same. Maybe this journey is about learning to love all of the outside layers that make us unique because at our cores we are all the same beautiful, honest, infinite creatures.

At the end of the day perhaps it doesn’t matter that I call myself a teacher or a writer or that I recognize that I am a good friend. Because I am so much more than those things. I am full of life and love. Full of a desire for adventure. For new experiences and new challenges. There is no way to put into words the wholeness of my soul or my worth. All I can do is celebrate and marvel at it. We all deserve to spend our whole lives nourishing our souls and basking in our own light. We are one. We are infinite.

Yogis, what are your thoughts on self-love lately? Share below!


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