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January Bad Yogi Spotlight: Anida Messner

Happy January Bad Yogi’s! (It’s mid- January already!?!?!)

For January’s Bad Yogi Spotlight we have the lovely Anida Messner.

Anida always has something inspirational to say, from her beautiful Florida weather, to handstand practices (after practicing a power flow for the first time in awhile), and avid practitioner in our PB Resolution program, Anida is a Bad Yogi through and through.

Q. How would your partner/closest friend describe you?

My husband says I am a nagging pain in the a$$ sometimes. But also: I am positive, uplifting, and the most caring, giving, and least judgmental person he knows. He said a few other “charming” comments but I didn’t think those were appropriate here! (Note: The editor disagrees.)  I also asked my daughter who said I was loving, generous, and puts others first.

Q. How do you find the motivation when it feels like you have NONE?

Some days it just appears, like today, I woke up tired and dragging, played on my phone and had no motivation to do a practice. I posted something on Facebook about skipping it this morning and a yoga teacher friend suggested I go to her class tonight. It was like someone flipped the motivation switch in my brain to on! BTW, class was great, thanks Kim! Other days, it comes from the fine bunch of Bad Yogis, or even my husband. On the days it’s just too hard, I give myself a rest day. I very rarely allow myself more than three rest days without some sort of yoga.

Q. What do you think your purpose is?

This is a hard one because truthfully I am not sure. The question has come up periodically in my Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings. My spiritual name (which in KY is our designated destiny on Earth) is Kavita Dhyan Kaur which means “the Princess/Lioness who recognizes that the greatest poetry is constant meditation on God”.  

Q. Do you feel you’re living it? 

Although my spiritual name meaning is open to interpretation & something that may change for me over time, at this point I understand my name to mean that I see the beauty in all things. In the context, yes I am living my purpose. I do try to find the positives in everything and/or beauty where others may not.

Q. If all food was “health food” & there were no negative health impacts, what would you eat everyday of your life?

I already eat dark chocolate everyday but that’s good for you…antioxidants and all, so it doesn’t really count, right?  Other than that, it would have to be brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I have a chocolate addiction.

Q. Chair pose for 1 minute or Plank pose for 1 minute?

Definitely plank…I can actually do a one minute plank, unlike chair.

Q. What’s one fact that may surprise people, or that not many know about you?

I am a great cook, when I want to be. Especially living on a boat with no real kitchen. I can cook an awesome meal in a toaster oven and microwave! 

Q. What do you wish you would see more of in the world?

Loving kindness, compassion, empathy and non-judgement. As a society, we have become so critical of others and I would love see less of that. I would love to be less critical of myself as well.  

Q. What do you love/appreciate most about the Bad Yogi Community?

What’s not to love?!! The Bad Yogi Community is how the world should be. Everyone in the PB Members Facebook group is an inspiration, they are uplifting and encouraging. I love watching their progress and hurt when they struggle, and view us as one big, happy, virtual, global family. Also, I have made many friends, although we have not all met in person yet…but we are working on making it happen this year.


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