Have you noticed a suspicious number of vegan recipes popping up on the blog over the past few months?

Have you noticed that I’ve been significantly less vocal about my pizza consumption?

Well, that’s because I’ve gone rogue! Well, “rogue” in Bad Yogi Land… What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been about 90% vegan for the past 5 months or so and I’ve kept it on the down-low for a few reasons. I’m a part-time vegan. I’m a Flexitarian. I like putting names on this because I find it amusing 😉

Here’s what I’m afraid of happening by saying this out loud:
– People who’ve followed me for years are going to feel like they don’t “know” me anymore and get mad and leave me.
– People who have hated on me for years for being open about eating burgers and bacon are going to be mad at me for STILL eating meat sometimes because OMG AM I SOME KIND OF DEVIL SPAWN?!

I think I’m just afraid of people judging me in any direction, haha. And believe me: if you ever want to test the fortitude of your self-image, put yourself out there online and open the comments!

I’m rambling, but I’m being totally serious! Yes, I’m like, a part-time vegan 🙂 I’m not doing it because I have some moral obligation to cows (though I sort of do because they’re adorable!), but mainly for the health benefits. When we first moved to France I got REALLY lax with my diet and ate literally anything and everything. My skin broke out like CRAZY and I had a really hard time getting it under control. Once I cut out dairy and meat, it was like an overnight turn-around.

I just feel like this is what my body needs right now, and I’m rolling with it. Plus, I haven’t missed the meat or dairy, and the only thing I really crave is sugar and chocolate sometimes. I have plenty of energy, I feel good, and that’s exactly what I wanted 🙂

This is not a moral or political or social stance I’m taking.
I still eat everything, just in smaller quantities. For example, when we were on vacation, I literally ate gelato every day, had incredible roasted duck in Lyon, Swiss fondue, Austrian speck, and Italian bolognese, and I enjoyed every single item and every single bite to the MAX.

I don’t have any plans to go 100% vegan and this is not a “lifestyle” for me. I mean, I’m not gonna be joining any clubs or movements or picketing outside the corner store. It’s also not a sensitive subject and it does not offend or disgust me to sear a nice steak.

Bottom line: It’s all about balance, and this is what “balance” means for today’s version of me.

And in case it needs to be re-iterated: it’s still business as usual around here and everyone is welcome whether you’re a kale-loving vegan or a prize-winning deer hunter.

Much love to ALL of you!

Now, I’d love to hear from you! Uhh, thoughts on this, please? 😉 Are you vegan or not? Have you ever tried a different style of eating than you currently have? What appeals to you and what totally turns you off?