A couple months ago, someone on the Bad Yogi Team had this idea to do a picture series like the one below to illustrate how savage we are with ourselves.

It wasn’t to get anyone to try and disprove our self-criticisms; it was to show how critical we ALL are with ourselves, about ourselves.

It was actually kind of sad when we were putting this together. The person who edited the pictures (not the bodies in the pictures, just adding text), said to me, “Wow. Even if I was being as mean as I could possibly be, I’d never come up with the stuff they said about themselves.”

It just goes to show how brutal we are about our own bodies. It’s easy to be body positive about other people. Yeah, we can celebrate the curves, the imperfections, the non-magazine cover readiness of another, but when it comes to ourselves? No way.

Our hope is that this is a powerful reminder for YOU to put on a different lens once in a while. Instead of constantly using the critical, self-doubting one, put on the one that allows you to see how beautiful you truly are. Put on the one that gives you the freedom to celebrate the things you love and appreciate about yourself rather than what you resent.

Neither picture has been edited AT ALL. They’re identical images taken seconds apart, but on one side we have our inner critic dictating what we see, and on the other we have our inner cheerleader dictating what we see.
toxic inner critic bad yogi
Are you allowing your inner critic to run the show? No wonder you feel badly about yourself! What if you could see what others might see? What would THAT conversation sound like?

OVER TO YOU! We challenge YOU to do this too. Can you muster the courage to take a selfie and have both conversations? Can you challenge yourself to flip the script? Can you ask that inner critic to take a back seat and instead focus on the words coming from your inner cheerleader? What does SHE say? What does SHE think you should be celebrating? We want to hear it! Tell us below or shout it from the rooftops on IG & tag us there @badyogiofficial