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Is This a “Dad Bod”? Some Say Yes!

Last week, the internet once again proved that no one is exempt from body shaming. Even though women often have to deal with it, men are trying to cope with it too – and it’s just as awful for them as it is for women.

Even male celebrities get body shamed

You might have heard of Jason Momoa, who famously portrayed the role of Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and the role of Aquaman. He is known for his strong, muscular physique, but after some pictures of him and his wife on vacation in Venice appeared on the internet, a lot of people took to social media to discuss the changes they spotted in his body. Today reports that many said he was getting a “dad bod“. As if that’s a bad thing.

body shaming - Bad Yogi

Jason Momoa got body-shamed after pictures of him vacationing surfaced on the internet.
Image: MEGA

First of all, it sucks that Momoa can’t even walk around half-naked while on holiday without getting snapped by the paps, second of all, why on earth do people expect him to be ripped all the time? Everyone deserves a break sometimes, even Momoa. Do people really expect him to hit the gym hard 24/7 without ever taking a break? That’s really unrealistic, and it’s really awful that people felt the need to comment on his abs looking “too soft”. We’re pretty sure that it’ll only take a few crunches to restore them to their former glory.

Fans took to social media to clap back at haters

Unfortunately, the people who thought that he was letting himself go felt the need to say it on social media. Some later deleted their hateful comments, but fans of Momoa made a screenshot of it and basically told all the haters to go to hell.


Momoa’s dedicated army of fans clapped back at the haters with a series of witty tweets, which put all the haters firmly in their place.

No one is safe from body shaming

We have to say that, if even Momoa isn’t safe from body shaming, no one is. Also, if people aren’t happy with his body, how are the rest of us supposed to feel?

body shaming - Bad Yogi

Momoa as Aquaman
Image: Courtesy Everett Collection

The thing about body shaming is that it doesn’t only affect the people who are being body-shamed, it also affects thousands of people around the world who read the hateful comments people put out there. We all struggle with our body image at times, and these kind of comments aren’t helping.

We need to acknowledge that men are also victims of body shaming

It’s also important that we start to realize that women aren’t the only ones subjected to this. Men are too – it just seems that there isn’t as much support for them out there as there is for women. Women and body image is something that’s constantly in the news, and a lot of people and companies are changing the way they do things to promote female body positivity. Perhaps it’s time that the same is done for men.

According to the Independent, singer Sam Smith recently spoke out about his lifelong struggle with body positivity and how it is really hard for men to talk about it because it’s not the “manly” thing to do. He also said that men’s reluctance to talk about their insecurities is part of the “toxic masculinity conversation”, adding, “It doesn’t feel manly does it, to talk about how I feel in my body every day, but that’s what I’m trying to fight against I guess.”

Love yourself and be kind to others

We’re pretty sure that all the people who body-shamed Momoa actually wish that they looked like him. Ain’t nobody got time for haters. It’s about time people stopped criticizing other people’s bodies. It’s not your body, so leave it be. Focus on loving yourself and you’ll find it easier to see the beauty in those around you.

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