#myIMperfectselfie Check-In

Have we told you lately that we love you? This Bad Yogi community inspires us on the regular, and you’ve really pulled through this week!

Tomorrow (Thursday, June 21) is National Selfie Day, and we’ve been celebrating all. week. long. For those of you that didn’t get the memo, the ‘my IMperfect selfie’ challenge is a play on words, silly! No matter what flaws we may see, we’re still perfect, and imperfect, and wonderful.

We have been floored by all of the amazing (and brave!) people who have shared their selfies this week, sharing stories of embracing their bodies and loving every last inch.

Here are just a few of the photos shared, and we can’t decide if we love the photos, or the accompanying comments that people are sharing.

BUT WAIT… there is still. more. time.

Through tomorrow, share your selfie and join in this amazing, body-positive, push. Five people will be selected for a month subscription to Bad Yogi Studio.

Only for the @badyogiofficial challenge will you see me in just a sports bra on Instagram, but I love the #myimperfectselfie challenge! I’ve said it a few times, coming onto Instagram was very intimidating, lots of “perfection” I’d never live up to. Social media can be so hard because even though you know no one is perfect, it’s hard to convince your mind otherwise with what you’re SEEING. This is the best shape I’ve ever been in, but I’ve had 2 babies and there are some stretch marks and skin that I’ll never get rid of (I went to adjust my camera and bam! That’s the shot I needed to show it lol). And don’t even get my started on my boobs #inappropriate. It is what it is, and I’m okay with it. A story I don’t think I’ve told anyone – when I was about 10 years old, I met a model who showed me and my sisters all her makeup (What 10 yr old girl wouldn’t be fascinated!) She showed us concealer & told us she wasn’t allowed to have any “imperfections” showing in pictures, & used the concealer to hide freckles. That conversation stuck with me for years! As a fairly freckly person, I always felt insecure about them. One conversation, with one person, caused me a lifetime of insecurity. Even writing it out seems so silly to me now! We HEAR it often enough – we’re all beautiful, our uniqueness makes us all beautiful – but we are still not SEEING it as much as we need to. What’s your imperfect selfie??

The #myimperfectselfie challenge by @badyogiofficial made me think. I have grown so much on the body positive front this last year. But, I am still holding back. In yoga class, I cover up. Not because I want to… because I certainly DO want to- after 6 rounds of sun salutations I am way too hot in my sports bra + top + t-shirt. Instead, some part of me still wants to hide my upper arms and my belly. This is what I look like. Not the version I choose to show you after taking 75 different pictures in perfect lighting. And this is only one of the beautiful things my imperfect body is capable of. I absolutely love shoulder stand. It makes me feel so good. Belly rolls or not. Keep on loving yourself, peeps.

This week I’m trying to FULLY embrace the #myIMperfectselfie challenge. No filters. No taking 20+ photos to choose the best. No flexing. I’m perfectly imperfect and I’m okay with that 😍

I love that @badyogiofficial has set off on a #myimperfectselfie mission. Here I am with no filter- just a post-workout glow. I feel especially grateful for my body today because, despite a minor shoulder injury, there’s still so many amazing things that it’s capable of.

Finally decided to join the @badyogiofficial #myIMperfectselfie challenge after silently debating with myself all day. I’m not one to post pictures of myself very often, but here it is. Unedited, awkward smile, no makeup and probably a little sweaty because it was crazy hot today.

TAKE THE PICTURE! An interesting thing happened this weekend. I had taken my son to the local Y to escape the heat and break up our routine. I wanted to create a magical experience for my son, but I was distracted. It was the first time I’d worn a swimsuit since losing a considerable amount of weight, but for some reason, I felt like I was STILL 90+ lbs heavier. Every time I bent down to his level, or sat in the water, I was constantly adjusting and worrying what others would think. And then, my mother in-law snapped this photo, and I’m so glad she did. While I was hoping she was zooming in on Jack, I made sure to look away just in case. I didn’t want photographic proof of what I looked like in that moment. After we got home, she sent the photos from our outing, and I was SHOCKED. I looked NOTHING like what I thought I did that day. Don’t get me wrong, I am still on my own personal wellness journey with more progress to be made, but I look nothing like the image I was holding onto in my head. Weight loss can play a lot of mind games even when you have found a considerable amount of success. Sometimes, it takes an outside perspective to bring you back to reality. My advice to you, just take the picture, and better yet, let others take your picture. You’ll be glad to have these memories documented one day. Shout out to my MIL, Janet, for ensuring I have these special moments captured.

This is one of two photos I took for a previous challenge. This one didn’t make it on my page because I was self-conscious about how unattractive my stomach looked. As soon as I saw the photo I quickly grabbed a top and took another pic. It sucks that sometimes we are so hard on ourselves. Instead of being grateful for what my body was and is able to do, I found myself imagining nasty things that people would say. It’s crazy!
Body- I promise I will try and be more accepting ❤
I am absolutely loving the participation with this challenge, the #badyogitribe is full of pretty awesome folk! 😁

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