I remember doing my first 10 minute yoga video and skipping chair pose because it was too difficult, too painful.

I remember doing my first hot yoga class and being  much stronger than I believed.

I remember not doing yoga at all.

I remember starting Erin’s 30-day yoga challenge and falling in love.

I remember making progress every single day in that challenge.

I remember buying the MyYogaPro online, in belief that I would do a lot of yoga.

I remember doing yoga videos every now and then but not consistently.

I remember posting my first yoga picture on Instagram – I deeply feared the reactions.

I remember doing a headstand and holding for a few seconds without touching the wall.

I remember starting the gym for yoga classes and showing up consistently three times a week (even though I could not do everything).

I remember falling – a lot of falling – out of headstands into the soft grass.

I remember, finally, getting control and starting to headstand everywhere.

I remember my home practice growing stronger with a lot of videos to challenge me.

I remember having studied wheel pose for a long time and being ready to try it.

I remember asking my sister for help and then going up to wheel pose, magically, all by myself.

I remember wanting to do the splits but being so far away.

I remember getting closer, again surprised by my strength and flexibility.

I remember trying my first handstand, pushing away from the wall, without any strength in my hands to keep me up.

I remember taking a break from yoga to enjoy all other aspects of life – relax and dance through the night.

I remember starting yoga again and being relieved instantly.

I remember growing stronger every single time I show up to class.

I remember “getting addicted to yoga” being my top priority.

I remember being able to jump up to a handstand for the first time – without a wall!

I remember playing with other arm balances.

I remember…


Practice makes progress. Reflect on your journey. It is important to look back and see who you were before, to motivate yourself to keep on going. We can´t see the future, but I bet it´s amazing!

Smelling the flowers

Smelling the flowers

Believe how strong you are!

Sense how good you feel!

You can do everything you ever dreamed of!