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How Yoga Helps Me Develop a Sustainable Budget

Budgeting is hard and uncomfortable. Whenever I budget, I feel ashamed. Why did I buy another dress that I don’t need? Why did I eat out the day before when I know that I will be eating out with friends tomorrow? After budgeting, I’d go on yet another spending spree to self soothe. Does this sound familiar? If you’re like me, the current method of budgeting isn’t working.
It doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve started to treat budgeting like my yoga practice. Take yoga off the mat to tackle your budget and spending habits.

Practice Daily

 Just like yoga practice, budgeting daily makes it less intimidating. You’ll have a better understanding of how much money you have and what you’ve spent so far.
Have you ever hesitated about going to yoga practice and then felt a sense of accomplishment post Shavasana? Budgeting is the same way.
Make a plan to budget for at least 15-30 minutes a day. I’ve blocked 30 minutes daily. If I don’t spend money on a given day, I reward myself by using this time for self-care.

Reflect on Spending Habits

Take a breath in and analyze your spending habits to make small tweaks. Acknowledge your currentsituation by asking yourself questions about your spending. For example, why did you buy that item? What were you feeling when you went out to eat? Did you keep your budget in mind?
Through this process, avoid judging your purchases. You don’t have to tear yourself down to improve.

Use Tools to Make it Easier

I always use two blocks in my yoga practice to ease myself in and out of poses. Why not use tools when budgeting? It’s easier to help yourself getwhere you want to be.
I currently use You Need a Budget (YNAB) to see how much money I need to allocate to bills. Not only is the interface easy to use, I love giving each dollar a task and watching my savings mature.

Lean into discomfort

As I mentioned above, budgeting is uncomfortable, but not all discomfort is bad. Instead, think about times your yoga teacher corrected your form to make the overall pose harder. When these small tweaks happen, our overall pose starts to improve.
Maybe your small tweak is to start budgeting. Maybe it’s to find how much you owe. Whatever it is, lean into it. Allow yourself to feel the pressure. It’s work. You are working to serve yourself.

Be kind to yourself

This is arguably the most important tip. Your spending habits are neither good nor bad. It currently serves your lifestyle and you want to start changing. Whenever you start to see yourself spiral into self narrated hate, take a moment to breathe. Let go. Move on.
Over to you, yogis! Has yoga changed your relationship with your finances?

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