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How to Write (and Pitch) a Contributing Blog Post

As a contributor to Bad Yogi Magazine, I wanted to share some of my ideas and methods for writers on what, I think, make a good yoga blog and how I start writing.

The First Step: Choose your topic

For me, that comes from meditation or pre-writing / journaling. What ideas have been rolling around in my mind and how can I process them through writing? Have I tried something new recently? How’d it go? Have I been feeling a bit down on myself? Maybe writing about why I know in my heart that’s silly can help me feel better! I find writing very cathartic and it helps me internalize the positive vibes I try to embody. I also keep a running list of topics that I can “grab bag” for when I’m feeling a need to post or an urge to write.

Step Two: Personal Experience or General Knowledge?

Deciding whether you will share personal experiences or general knowledge. I like sharing my journey with readers and I reflect on what’s working, or not, in my life. I love talking about sustainability, new habits, intentions, and the basics of yoga. However, I’m not comfortable sharing about intimate topics, so I don’t- that’s a limit I set for myself. I will, from time to time, feel comfortable sharing pictures of myself, but it’s not common. Where do you set your limits? What peaks your interest?

Step Three: Drafting

I have many drafts I have discarded because, for whatever reason, I didn’t feel the flow of my words. I try to blog like I talk and I think it’s important that your voice is authentic. Authenticity can mean conversational or authoritative. If you know your shit, own it. If you’re writing from a place of exploration, let your questions guide you. I think it helps connect to readers and make it feel like we are humans interacting, rather than robots reading the Internet. After you draft, leave your writing. Come back to it in a few hours or a few days and see how it sounds. Do those words still ring true to you? Is this you? Are you proud / happy / energized to see this piece live on the Internet? Those are important questions to grapple with after you write your initial draft.

Finally: Submit Your Piece- Write Your Pitch

Do you want to explore new publication avenues? If you are a newbie, approaching a publication for the first time, include a writing sample in your introductory email. Save your favorite blog post and use that as a “teaser” to show publications what you are capable of, and interested in writing. If that piece has already been published, include a link to the published piece. You are a writer (even if you’re not published yet)- be confident! If you submit regularly to the same publication, make sure you are keeping an online presence. How often are you posting? I do believe there is such a thing as “over-blogging” (I don’t need to know everything aboutcha), but offering timely, authentic reflections and advice is very compelling to readers. It keeps them interested in your reading without overwhelming them with your opinions.

I hope this helps. I believe the more people who can authentically be themselves on the Internet will lead more people to make authentic, humanizing, empathetic connections in real life. Share your beautiful soul with the world 🙂


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