How to Wake Up in the Morning

Hear your alarm ring. Jump up to turn it off.

Crawl back into bed, the most comfortable place in the universe. Snuggle under the covers.


After a few minutes, get out of bed.

Wrap a blanket around you.

Walk to the bathroom.

Turn on the shower.


Get into the shower.

Stand under the warm water.


Pretend to be asleep.


When you get out of the shower (if ever), turn on your favorite music.

Understand that awesome Spotify playlists are reserved for those that are awake.

Wear your towel, or exchange it for a blanket.


Have a glass of water.



Understand that meditation is the closest thing to sleeping, when you are awake.

Open your eyes slowly and put a smile on your face.

Be grateful for this wonderful day.


Stand up. Find a mirror to look into.

Smile. Smile at yourself.

You look beautiful today.

Gorgeous even.

And decide, then and there, to have a fantastic day.


Be grateful. Feel the joy.

Feel how lucky you are to have woken up on just another day.

Enjoy it.

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