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How to Live Your Life One Song at a Time

Yes, I know exactly how you feel. You work and work (or study) and when you come home you work a little more, spend time with your family, do the dishes, and load the washing machine a few times. At the end of the day when you lay in bed, you feel like you have accomplished nothing of the self-improving things you truly want to do to be happy. How can the time fly like this? Will you be able to do this tomorrow? You certainly plan to do so, but somehow tomorrow goes the exactly same way. And the day after that, same story again.

So, are you one of the people who read this and think, “What?? No, this doesn’t describe my life at all!” I am so happy for you! Congratulations on your successful life, and please write an article or comment below to tell me how you’ve accomplished it 🙂

If you, however, belong to the other group, I know how you feel. You just long for some alone time, some time to work on your dreams, or simply just a few minutes to completely relax. It doesn’t have to be much, but just a little bit so you feel at the end of the day that you have taken a few steps forward, not just stood still.

I want to suggest a new habit for you, especially if you are a music lover. I’ve started living my life one song at a time. There is always time for one song.

OK, now you’re probably thinking, “What does that even mean??”

Living one song at a time is super simple, and everyone should have time for it. Because the truth is there is always time for one more song. It’s about three minutes, and going three minutes later to bed or getting up three minutes earlier isn’t a big deal.

Therefore, when I feel empty and that I haven’t accomplished anything for myself, I put on one last song (or two if I can). While the song is playing I get carried away in my task I’ve chosen. These days I’m working a lot and don’t find time for yoga for more than two songs. And truth be told (am I allowed to say this?), that is enough! At least for a few days. After a two-song, free-flowing, completely-improvised yoga sequence I can feel so energized, so calm, or really focused (all depending on the song I choose). Shuffling the music can and will move your practice to a whole new, unexpected level. Some songs make my flow completely magical, and I love it! The possibilities are endless! What do you want to spend your three minutes doing? I also use those minutes to color (if you think coloring is only for kids you are highly mistaken!) or simply just sit with your eyes closed and breathe…

Or just stop for a moment and enjoy the view - make the waves be your song...

Or just stop for a moment and enjoy the view – make the waves be your song…


So what do you think? Have you tried an approach like that? What would YOU use your last song to do?

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