How to Kick Jealousy’s Butt

That angry, green, boiling burn in the pit of your stomach. No, I’m not talking about food poisoning from your latest international retreat. I’m talking about jealousy.

I know, I know, we’re not supposed to even have that as yogis and yoga teachers. We are supposed to be zen goddesses and gods who love everybody for who they are and think everybody is equally beautiful and all that jazz. But that just makes the burn worse, am I right? Not only are you jealous, but now you’re also feeling bad about being jealous.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only yogi who has this problem.

We’re surrounded by fit, smart people who seem to have it all together when they come to yoga class. I’m a mere mortal, how am I not supposed to wish I had that perfect skin or perfect handstand or perfect outfit, too?

But let’s dive a little deeper. If you take a peak behind the curtains of any show of jealousy, you’ll find fear whimpering behind it. Jealous of somebody’s perfect manicure? You might find it stems from fear of never kicking your nail-biting habit. Jealous of your friend’s success? It’s probably because you fear you won’t find the same abundance in your own life.

My most recent experience of jealousy was about that perfect handstand. One of my students has a handstand that is way better than my own, as a yoga teacher. I so, so, SO wish that I could have that perfect spinal stack. But when I sat still for a moment and meditated on my jealousy, I saw fear. Fear that I wasn’t a good enough yogi to teach, because I just can’t (yet) handstand like such a boss.

The good news is, we can turn this into a positive experience.

Once you recognize what you’re afraid of, you can deal with it. If you were jealous of success, start yourself on a road towards your own. They key is to identify what you fear, then face it head-on. It will be a journey, but that’s what yoga is all about.

So how did I solve this for myself? Instead of feeling jealous of my student now, I feel happy that even though she’s a better hand-stander than me, she still enjoys my lessons. And I practice my handstands every day.

How do you deal with jealousy? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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