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How to Get Your Sleeping Schedule Back on Track

I am sure that you know the feeling.

I am sure most people do.

You know that you should be waking up earlier. Basically every other article you read is telling you how waking up early is the solution to all your problems!

And here you are, reading this article at 2 am and watching Netflix with the other eye.

Tell me about it. How are you going to wake up at 6 am to do a morning routine, with yoga, meditation and visualization (or whatever is considered the magic worker these days).

Sleep is important. We both know that.

We also know that it is super hard to wake up early, when you have slept to little. And you don’t want to do it. You want to sleep until you are completely rested.

Maybe you’re sleeping till noon. And then you wonder why you don’t fall asleep early enough in the evening?

And the cycle continues.

I used to be the same. I understand you completely.

So, lets bring up another scenario. You are going on vacation. It is far away. You wake up in the middle of the night to go to the airport. Maybe you get a little nap on the plane, maybe you don’t. After a long flight, you arrive at your destination.

You understand that you are tired, and you also know that you need to keep yourself awake past dinner to be able to turn your day around and get used to a different time zone.

And you do it. Maybe it takes only one day. Maybe it takes a little bit longer.

And then, you are fully adjusted, you are waking up and going to sleep at normal hours.

Well, I’ll tell you the disappointing truth.

When your sleep is all messed up, it is simply because you are acting like you’re in another time zone. When you go to sleep at 2 am, it is definitely 10 pm somewhere else.

When I travel, I consider the time of my arrival place, and I sleep according to it, to be able to be able to adjust quickly. Sometimes, I keep myself awake for a long time. At other times, I desperately try to nap, using all the tricks I know to get a little bit of sleep.

When it comes to changing my sleep schedule at home, I feel that it’s completely different. Even though it isn’t.

So, what you need to do is imaginary travel (I know, it doesn’t sound fun, at all).

Imagine that you are travelling to a different time zone. A place were it is night at 10 pm, instead of 2 am.

Do what it takes to turn things around. Use all the tricks you know to fall asleep earlier, or at least lay in bed and rest until you’re able to fall asleep. Get your ass out of bed early, even though you dont want to, because it will make the next night so much better.

Use the determination you would use if you were travelling. And then do it.

You can wake up early if you want to. You can make yourself a morning person.

You can do this! I believe in you!

And yes, I am writing this on a plane, as I need to stay awake, even though it’s 1 am at home. I speak from experience.

I plan to have the same discipline when it comes to waking up early when school starts again. With a little change in mindset, I know I’ll be able to do it!

P.S. if it actually doesn’t matter when you wake up in the morning (if your work permits it), do what feels right. You can get as many productive hours in if you wake up at 6 am or 11 am. Trust me, I’ve tried both. What you do after you wake up matters much more than what time it is when you actually do.

What tips do you have to get your sleep on track when it gets wonky?

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