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How I’m Rediscovering My Creativity

Life for me has always been dominated by words. Whether they’re words that I’m writing on the blogosphere or the words that go by so quickly in the latest book I’m binging. It’s a constant in my life. And despite that – for the last couple years – it’s felt like my creativity has been blocked up in my mind.

Yada yada yada – writers block. I know it’s a thing, but it’s never impacted me for this long before. Which is… kind of weird? I used to read about experiencing writers block and would laugh it off.

But the jokes on me, and here we are.

Recently, I’ve been trying and actually succeeding in rediscovering my creativity. I started listening to the ‘Magic Lessons’ podcast and listened to a few Ted Talks on finding your passion and ta-da, Just like magic. Okay… maybe it wasn’t as easy as that. It’s one thing to know that you are passionate about writing and another to actually go out and “do the thing.”

So how did I go about “doing the thing?”

What got me going again was the idea that maybe the fact that I wasn’t writing wasn’t because I didn’t have anything to say. The reason I wasn’t writing, was perhaps because I was scared. What if it wasn’t as good as before? Or, what if I had become so bad it was a joke? It’s a valid concern. It isn’t as though this is one of those fears that yoga can just dismiss.

So, I watched more inspirational videos, tentatively opened up Microsoft Word and told myself that I just had to start something. It didn’t have to be good, or even adequate. It just had to be a word, a sentence, a page. Perhaps my writing isn’t the kind of show-stopping miracles that professional writers publish everyday. Then again, I also haven’t picked up particularly good editing skills.

The moral of my story.

Rediscovering what I want to write about has changed. No question about it. I don’t want to write highschool dramas anymore. Instead, the question is… how to write about being an adult when you feel like you’re just kind of skating along. But that will come with time. The important thing is the process of rediscovering my creativity, and doing a little more each day to challenge myself. For now, I’m off to write a short story. Wish me luck!

Are there any other aspiring writers amongst the Bad Yogi community? If so, how do you handle writers block? Or have you lost your creativity and found it again? 

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    David Gonzales

    September 13, 2019 at 3:12 am

    Hi, thanks for sharing. This is a good read!

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