There’s a lot of talk about the New Moon coming in a couple days and I’m always conflicted about how I feel about this stuff. I believe we’re completely intertwined with nature and the Universe and I even believe the moon does influence our bodies in a real way. But I can’t help but roll my eyes when people start getting too hippy-dippy about moon cycles and energy and blah blah blah. It’s like, I believe in it, but in a low key way, haha 😉

I figured at least some of you must be curious about this too and might even feel the same as me. So let’s dig in a little deeper…

The sun & the moon in the French Riviera… doesn’t get much more beautiful!

Here’s a bit about how the moon affects our moods— for skeptics and true believers alike 😉

For My Strictly Sciencey Friends:
I was positive I’d find scientific proof of the moon’s subtle influence on our bodies, but to my extreme surprise, ALL scientific studies I found said there was no proven correlation between moon cycles and human bodies. Some people swear there definitely is, especially people who work in hospitals and teachers who deal with children, but science advises against communicating those things to patients and students, warning of “self fulfilling prophesies.” I read several studies but this is paraphrasing a study from Berkeley Wellness.

For my friends who believe in science but also believe in the intangible side of things:
Some people believe the reason why science wouldn’t get it is because it influences our subconscious more than anything, so of course we’d be largely unaware of exactly how. And naturally, it’d be easily disproven because that influence might not always be measurable.

I found a few things interesting that I thought I’d share… there’s the idea that when the gravitational pull on the Earth or more or less than usual, even things like our breath are affected. On New Moon days like we’re about to have, the gravitational pull on Earth is greater than normal, which theoretically means that when we take a deep breath, the air we can take in is 3x as much as usual.

Then I saw that because the pressure in the air is greater, water is pulled towards the moon. This creates more water vapor and gaseousness in the air, forming a type of high pressure belt around the Earth. Try to follow me here because it’s about to get WEIRD— then I read that because spirits largely exist in gaseous forms, they ALSO get pulled to the surface of the Earth and tend to “haunt” people during these times. Crazy, right?!

The most empowering message about ow the New Moon will affect us came from

“The new moon is the beginning phase of the lunar cycle, when seeds are planted and intentions set.

The new moon carries a fresh energy and potency, one that may spark a clarity of purpose and being within us. This sky is darker at this time, turning us inward to our own creative light.

Darkness is associated with the divine feminine, with seeing the unseen, and heightened psychic ability. The new moon is a time to tune into your inner messages and the frequencies that want to connect with you. To cultivate these manifestations, set aside time for an intention-setting and a new moon ritual to honor your intentions for this new lunar cycle.”

Obviously I have no idea how true any of this is, but it’s interesting to read about. This is a really superficial look at how the moon does (or doesn’t) affect us, but as usual, I’m very curious to hear what you think.

Over to you! Do you think the moon has a strong pull on our moods, energy, and life in general? Do you have New Moon rituals?! Or do you believe we’re pretty much unaffected? Similarly, if you have any fun facts about the New Moon, I’d love for you to “share with the class!” 🙂