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How Common Addictions Affect Your Health

Millions of people struggle with numerous health issues these days, and the sad truth is that there are also different kinds of addiction which can make it even worse for those people. If you want to learn how some of the most common addictions affect health, be sure to keep on reading. Here are three of them you should know about, so check them out.

Health consequences of drug addiction

Simply put, drugs are chemicals that affect both the body and the brain. In fact, different drugs have different effects, and some of them include long-lasting or permanent health consequences that can continue even after a person has stopped taking the substance. Apart from the type of the drug, these can also vary depending on how much and how often the substance was being taken, as well as on the person’s general health. One thing is certain – drug addiction inevitably leads to a weakened immune system and an increased risk of illness and infection. Besides that, there are various health conditions that range from abnormal heart rates to heart attacks and collapsed veins and blood vessel infections from injected drugs. Stroke, seizures, brain damage, and mental confusion are quite common among drug addicts, too, whereas deaths related to synthetic opioids and heroin have seen the sharpest rise lately – more than 90 American die after overdosing on opioids every single day.

Health consequences of alcohol addiction

In case you weren’t aware of it, the fact is that alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the US – about one in 12 adults in the United States suffer from alcohol use disorder. As for health issues related to alcohol addiction, there are an irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis, and cirrhosis, as well as increased susceptibility to diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis due to the weakened immune system. It’s important to say that a lot of people tend to experience common alcohol withdrawal symptoms once they suddenly stop taking alcohol after developing a physical dependence on it. This can also happen when they cut down on the amount of alcohol they have been using regularly. Symptoms typically include vomiting, nausea, perspiration, increased heartbeat, shakiness or minor tremor, sleep difficulties, and many more. These often occur within 6 hours after the discontinuation of alcohol use and usually last for between 24 and 48 hours. That’s exactly why anyone who has an alcohol use disorder should consult with a physician before attempting to completely quit drinking.

Health consequences of sugar addiction

Even though this one probably seems quite ridiculous – especially when compared to the previous two – we must say that sugar addiction has to be taken seriously as well simply because it can have similar effects on the brain that illicit drugs do. Basically, overeating in any meal or snack can be a sign that you may have some addiction, and the route people most frequently take is overeating sweets, beverages, or treats. Although this isn’t a big deal for some people, it, in fact, can be an issue that masks a sugar addiction. Craving comfort foods rich in simple carbohydrates at dinnertime is one of the signs that you may have a sugar addiction, together with craving soda and other sweet beverages. Eating too much sugar is clearly harmful, first of all, because it can increase the amount of fat your body stores. Even though sugar isn’t fatty itself, the excess you eat is converted to fat and then stored later on. Besides that, sugar can cause your body to be in a constant state of inflammation, which can make your entire body to act as if it’s sick. Such a state can negatively affect your heart function and arterial walls, as well as increase the risk of stroke and cancer. This is a major consequence of sugar addiction, so make sure not to overlook it.


As you can see, these three common addictions can affect your health in more ways than you can possibly imagine, which is exactly why you should take each one of them seriously. Just do your best to understand the health consequences of drug, alcohol, and sugar addiction, make your health your top priority and take the small steps towards your ultimate goal. It’ll take a lot of time and effort, but trust us when we say that it’s completely worth it!


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