Honest Review: Yogi Surprise Subscription Box

Is there anything better than getting good old fashioned snail mail? In a digital age, I honestly love getting anything in my physical mailbox (that isn’t a bill, haha), so naturally when I found out that YOGA inspired subscription boxes were a thing, I was all about it.

Yogi Surprise is the most popular for good reason.

Each monthly box comes with products that fit the yoga lifestyle and are natural, non-GMO, and cruelty-free. You might get something edible or drinkable, beauty items, accessories like headbands or jewelry, oils, something to read, actual digital yoga classes– it varies monthly and every box is a surprise. And each box has a guaranteed retail value of $85 or more, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth!

I got their box in August and thought the products included were really useful…
bad yogi yogi surprise couponA few highlights:
– Tea!
I have a cabinet full of teas, and always enjoy trying new varieties. This one made the whole Yogi Surprise box smell like chai, so you KNOW it’s gonna be tasty!

– Pure aloe gel
Badger is one of my favorite brands for lotions and sunscreens because they’re super careful about quality of ingredients. Everything they do is pure and natural, so I was very happy to see a full size bottle of aloe gel in this box.

– Natural bug spray!
Adrien is a magnet for mosquitos and always has to cover himself in bug spray. I was thrilled to see this in the box so we can try an alternative to those harsh chemicals in most sprays.

Overall I thought this was a fun box to receive.

– Variety.
I love that it’s not an all beauty or all yoga product or all food box– you get a little bit of everything which is fun.

– The products are all full size!
I thought this was really generous for the price.

– Quality.
I also appreciated that everything was high quality. I received a competitor’s box around the same time and it did not match up!

– At almost $45 per month, it’s not exactly friendly for any budget, but still a fun splurge or a great gift.

– As with most boxes, there’s always one or two items that you know you’re never gonna use.

Overall, I thought it was fun, the products were high quality and actually useful. And they hooked it up for us! The BY community can get 25% off their first Yogi Surprise box by clicking below!

Get 25% Off Your First Box When You Use Code: YOGI25

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