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Holiday Yoga Therapy

I adore Christmas — it really is my most favorite time of year. It is, however, an incredibly busy time of year, and it’s really easy to feel a little (OK, very) overwhelmed!. This year, I am also dealing with my grandma being in poor health. Thankfully, she has family to look after her especially my Grandpa who barely lets her out of sight (they have been married 66 years, soooo cute!). My partner also recently had a job change, so while we are fine financially, it’s difficult at the moment because he is home all the time – eek! This time of year, I would normally take a little time on a Monday or Tuesday when I have time off to watch Christmas 24 channel. Back-to-back Christmas movies – bliss! While I do that, I can get my housework done and work on my community fitness business. Christmas always knocks routine anyway, but this year having my boyfriend in the house all day is taking some adjustment! And I’m sure he would say same about me. In addition to running my own business, I’m also working a “regular” job a few days a week – so it’s always busy!

Among I’ll that, I’m juggling writing cards, buying and wrapping gifts, purchasing stamps and decorating for Christmas, and wondering when on earth I’ll find time for Christmas baking!

Yoga for the Holiday

Throughout all the craziness though , thank goodness for yoga! It really does help me bring back to the here and now, and not live in the future of my to do list. So however busy my day is, I always start it with a workout and even if I’m doing a HIIT style workout, I try and get in some yoga too. I am currently doing Tier 2 of the Bad Yogi Perfect Body Yoga Program. It’s just the perfect tonic for this time of year to help keep me sane!

I can start my practice feeling overwhelmed, a little anxious and fidgety, but as we go , my body just starts to find stillness and my mind starts to calm. I can’t honestly say during meditation or savasana , my mind doesn’t wander to my to do list, but I’m usually feeling a lot more in control! Yoga is a lot healthier than my other coping tool – chocolate!!! ?
So next time, you start to feel a little overwhelmed with the festive season, unroll your mat and do even just 10 minutes of yoga, I promise it will help!. Wishing you all a very merry magical Christmas. Right now am off to see if I can get control of that TV remote…

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