Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

How’d you spend your evening? Was it festive? We had the most GIGANTIC lobsters I’ve ever seen along with some wine, and then walked down to the Promenade des Anglais to watch some epic fireworks, but…

Then… out of nowhere…

Nothing. There was nothing. I mean, crickets. I think the entire city had the same idea which means we were all gathered (THOUSANDS of people), we counted down to midnight… and nothing! Isn’t that crazy?! No fireworks, no BOOM! Some people had independently set some off, but no city-wide thing. So we reluctantly came home for champagne and music and it ended up being more festive in our apartment than it was outside, haha.

Now, did you notice anything missing?! Maybe how I failed to mention the multiple macarons and chocolate things I ate? Nevermind all that because after doing this class, I’ll just assume they didn’t count, ok? If you also indulged a little too much, g0 ahead and do the same 😉

I made this class to give us a way to kick of 2016 on a healthy note AND remind us to set our intention for the New Year. Are you ready?! Oh, and don’t worry. This isn’t a kick-your-butt type of thing. Just a nice little balancing challenge with a New Year twist!

Let’s do it!