Guided Bubble Meditation (FREE Class!)

A guided bubble meditation?! Alright: now you’re convinced I’m just making this sh*t up, right? πŸ˜‰ First of all, it’s a real thing, and a super effective one, at that! Next, don’t knock it til you try it! I would say I think you’re going to like this, but I’d correct myself and say I KNOW you’re going to love this. Detox needs to happen in every area, and we can’t forget about the mind. How often in a typical day do you find yourself thinking toxic, hurtful, or mean things? If we’re being honest, it’s probably pretty often. I include myself in this, too! This meditation is one of my go-to ways to clear my mind and keep my cool. You’ll want to save this one! [Free ebook] Stop worrying whether you’re doing a pose right, or if you are doing something that will eventually require a few trips to the emergency room. πŸš‘ Download our free yoga form guide β€” over 50 yoga poses broken down with pictures.