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A Guide to Safe Detoxing

When it comes to getting the perfect beach body for summer, the buzzword of the year (or the last couple of years) is detox. Don’t eat for a couple days! Drink only juice! Exercise as much as you physically can without dying! It’s a crazy culture, and it’s only gotten worse. In order to look beautiful, we can’t enjoy food? [tweet_dis]Detoxing is practically another synonym for suffering so that you can obtain short-lived, unhappy beauty.[/tweet_dis] I’m horrified just thinking about it.

On the other hand, the idea of detoxing isn’t a bad one. Clearing out our bodies of unwanted toxins and pollutants can be healthy from time to time. Just think of how exhausted your body feels after several nights of drinking wine and eating junk food. If you are anything like me, the next couple days have to be spent guzzling down water and eating nothing but vegetables and fruit so that you feel like a person again.

So safely detoxing, in my opinion, is the way to go. Instead of just drinking juice for three days, make a commitment to get in your 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Juicing is just squeezing down fruits and vegetables to make them easier to eat. If you can get your same amount of nutrients through another method – then do that. Whatever makes it easier for you to eat healthy is your best way to detox.

Another thing that detoxes promote is heavy water drinking. Articles suggest to drink 70-100ml of water per day (which is about 12-16 cups). In your “safe detox,” mindfully think about drinking a cup of water every half an hour. Not only will it make you more aware of staying hydrated, it also makes it less likely that you’ll reach for the caffeine. While a cup of coffee is never a bad idea, caffeine is a diuretic and will make you more dehydrated. So you’ll be more awake, hydrated and mindful.

I also want to make a note on food.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Some detoxes say to skip out on eating all together. Seriously – please don’t do this.[/tweet_box]

Food is part of what makes our bodies work, and not eating for long periods of time can be dangerous or flat out unhealthy. Perhaps you can skip out on the chocolate and vast amounts of chips, but keep in your whole grains, protein and vegetables. Not eating can make you tired and more apt to make poor food choices. Eat. Mindfully think about what food should be going in your body and feed it what makes it happy.

Detoxing ought to be about giving your body a break from all of the pollutants that surround us. Whether that be smoke, sugar, or just an unsustainable lifestyle – the ultimate goal is moderation and health. Instead of dramatically shifting your lifestyle to one of stress and “withouts,” change your day-to-day habits bit by bit to make yourself a happier and more healthier individual.

What do you think yogis? Are you fans of the detox lifestyle? What steps do you take to make your life a “safe detox?”


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    June 17, 2017 at 7:56 am

    Very well said but please correct the 70-100 ml to 700-1000 ml or 0.7-1 L water. 😀

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