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Giveaway Day 4: 3 Pairs of Guely Ray Leggings

The first thing you’ll notice about Guely Ray‘s leggings is that they’re gorgeous. And that’s no accident: they’re designed by Paola Bertoncini, a chic Italian fashion designer with tons of experience designing sportswear.

The next thing you’ll notice is that they’re so affordable! I mean, we’re giving them away here, but finding leggings this great for $20 or $30 is a dream. These leggings are breathable, colorful, stretchy, and they WON’T PILL! And, if you fall in love, you won’t have to break the bank to buy more.

Guely Ray is generously giving away 3 pairs of leggings (size and style are the winner’s choice) to one Bad Yogi reader.

To enter, drop your email in the box below. It counts as one entry, but if you share it, you get nine extra entries for each friend you refer to the giveaway!

Entries accepted till December 16th and winner will be picked on the 18th.

P.S. Keep up with Guely Ray on Facebook and Instagram!

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