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“Free Your Mind”: How the Meditative Properties of Yoga Can Be Life Enhancing

‘What is the power of our subconscious mind?’ 

This power is a collection of our cognitive processes that over a period of time, culminated in the feeling that the world is something that must be conquered. This brought forward a study of introspection that led to the mastering of self-control. Over a period of time, this became ingrained in our psyche and our actions today are a result of cumulative suggestive processes. The world Western or Eastern also spread this process over other civilizations.

There is a deeper subconscious that controls entire cultures. Thus, We have had the most critical part of our mind that remains unseen and must control. The power of our subconscious believes in creating dissonance and/or facilitation in our decision making.

So how do we look at this on a personal level…Firstly let us understand the concept.

‘Life Enhancing’ refers to an action that improves one’s life. This action has the potential to drive a person towards a desired path in life, through positive thought control. Ultimately, the end-result should be greater feeling of abundance in life. In life, we should aim to live in body that is at harmony with nature and one’s surroundings- and adds value to one’s quality of life. But how can we get there?

While there are no set rules or guidelines to unleash your mind, there are certain UNIVERSAL processes that would make our lives better.

Check out five of them are discussed below:

The practice of Yogabhyas and Dhyana (Meditation)

Yoga is a science, since it allows one to control one’s body and mind. Yoga is a way of life which helps to connect mind, body, and spirit thereby leading to a holistic approach to healthy living.

Dhyana-the training of the mind, commonly translated as meditation- is a part of yoga that enhances the self-realization process and promotes wellbeing by curtailing excessive thinking and coordinating breath control. Typically, meditation involves not moving the body, and fully focusing the mind on a single object.

The benefits of these practices are enormous. The mind comes into a state of equilibrium and synergy with nature. This is helpful in calming and strengthening the mind and ultimately improve one’s quality of life.

Positivity in surroundings

Start by decluttering and cleaning up surroundings. The flow of energy will automatically lead to a positive mindset.

The next step is to eliminate negative people from their surroundings. Having positivity around will help your mind to look forward and focus on positives thereby enhancing the quality of life.


Procrastination refers to our struggle with self-control.  Procrastinators tend to avoid not only difficult but mundane tasks as well and may deliberately look for excuses. “It’s self-harm,” says Dr. Piers Steel, a  professor at the University of Calgary. “Procrastinatory cognitions” should be treated and eliminated as they lead to a cycle that tends to worsen our distress and stress. Once we are there, life will be a better place. Remember, its all in the mind.


Resisting and reacting to accept what is already done/ there will cause unnecessary negativity within. Resistance will remain to persist within and lead to distress within So Letting go is a choice that you will no longer ponder on things that are out of your control. By looking forward on things can be will not only help you to embrace the present but look forward to a more enriching future.


Gratitude is for what you have today versus what a whole lot of people don’t. It can be a spark in the gloom of disaster and can help you get back on track rather than ruminated or wallow in self-pity. People who practice gratitude experience positivity, are kind and compassionate and experience an enriching quality of life themselves. Gratitude will lead a person to success and happiness.  So a grateful attitude for what you have today, right now, in this very moment, rather than what you’re lacking will help you embrace the ups and downs of life and give you the strength to move on.


To conclude, the key is looking inwards rather than outwards. Observing and taking corrective action on our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, we can certainly help our mind to overcome circumstances and emotions thereby enhancing our quality of life.


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